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Just finished my second book of the year. Great read! I laughed and cried the entire time my dog thought I was crazy! It is available on Amazon.. support black authors! Darrick Campbell can't wait to see what's next! Great job

Angela Wright

I want every father, stepdad, uncle, father-figure to go to Amazon and order your copy of this book. It's titled "My Father's Son" written by Darrick Campbell, a native of Chicago (Maywood) and a proud husband and father. I had the privilege of meeting this brother last week when I was back in Chicago and as soon as I heard his story, I immediately ordered three copies that just arrived today. Support this brother and be a blessing to other young men.

Lonnie Barker, Jr.support manager @ echo

Darrick, you did an awesome job at Maywood Toastmasters meeting last night. When you read excerpts from your book "My Father's Son" you are so real and authentic in sharing your thoughts and experiences, that the audience is drawn in from the first moment. I know you will continue to be successful in getting your words out, know in your heart that your words have an impact of the people that hear them.

Jay Shepherdaccount manager @ peko
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Today, I finally took out the time today to read Darrick Campbell 's book "My Father's Son," and I am so glad that I did. It is a very very very good book! I highly recommended it.

nicole loftonsales manager @crisppi

No "Favored Friday" today, instead let's support new author Darrick Campbell & his book "My Father's Son." It can be found on Amazon. Had a chance to meet & chop it up with him & hear some excerpts from the book on yesterday evening. Congrats Darrick, wishing you success in your endeavors.

terrence ellerysales manager @crisppi

If you are a man or you are raising a young man(a father or mother raising a young man) please support Darrick Campbell and purchase his new book "My Father's Son". Very good book, Darrick was one of the guest speakers at our From Pain to Purpose Conference on Saturday.

nicole loftonsales manager @crisppi

Good evening Darrick, all I can say is your book is very well written and inspirational! I definitely related to your parents separating and the anxiety you were experiencing. Overall, congratulations I enjoyed "My Father's Son" and wish you continued success!

toya moodysales manager @crisppi

So proud of you Darrick Campbell that's a great look! I need to read it and continue following your dreams!

jasmine waresales manager @crisppi

I must say, I'm blown away by friend Darrick Campbell. His book is amazing. I'm so proud of you. Keep inspiring people and continue to allow God to use you. You've been a great friend, father, son, and husband. I love you!!

trainette ingram-lathamsales manager @crisppi