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Our goal? Encourage youths by transforming their decision making and a promote a higher level of performance. How do we accomplish this? Through one-on-one advisement sessions that will intersect with their goals and meet them wherever they may be in their journey and help guide them through each transformational step.

  • Assess overall maturity and diagnose underperforming existing systems and related data quality issues.
  • Develop comprehensive technology strategies with short- and long-term systems roadmaps.


In support and development of the youth, our mentorship services will provide expertise in the a specific role and needs as well as in the stage of development and situation. Organizations receive a wide variety of mentoring support including instructional and collaborative goal setting, action planning, and monitoring of results and impact. Mentoring will be provided to support not only meeting daily responsibilities for operations, management, supervision, and teacher development, but also to create a positive school culture and establish performance expectations and supports to ensure sustained success.


Our team regularly speaks on the following:

  • Education: leadership and policy
  • Learning: technology, the shift to personal digital learning, blended learning, deeper learning, learning innovations
  • Business: leadership, strategy, innovation, public-private partnerships
  • Good Work: finding and doing mission-driven work, non-profit leadership, philanthropy, community leadership
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